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Living Your Design Sessions


A discussion about the fundamental aspects of your design: 

  • Your Type & Strategy

Your aura type establishes the way in which you were designed to interact with the outside world. By understanding it and experimenting with your strategy, you can let your aura work for you and avoid going through unnecessary struggles.


  • Your Inner Authority

This is a place inside your body that is specifically designed to guide your decisions in life. As you learn to recognise it, you will find that no matter what happens, you always have a process you can rely on to make the best possible decisions.


  • Your Openness

Your openness is where you take in the outside world and where you have been conditioned since you were born. The mind is most of the time the spokesperson for your openness and often tries to push you to make incorrect decisions. However you can learn to see it in action and prevent it from hijacking your life.


  • And More, depending on time and interest

We will also talk about definition, circuitry, profile and other aspects design if there is space for it.


Sessions last from one to two hours, are done through Zoom and a recording is included.

If you’d like to have a chat to get more familiar with us and decide if you want a session, we could arrange a 10-15 mins free video call. 


Price :  $89 / 89€ / £79

Follow up / ongoing Living Your Design coaching


We can do follow ups on your initial session, answer any questions you may have and further look into your design and the challenges that arise as you progress in your experiment.

Sessions last from one to two hours, are done through Zoom and a recording is included.


Price :  $105 / 89€ / £79

Courses and Workshops

The aim of our courses and workshops is to teach you the essence of human design and how to make decisions through the body according to your strategy (type) and inner authority. They will also help you understand how your mind operates through the open centers in the bodygraph.

They give you the essential tools for practical application of strategy and authority in your everyday life.

Feel free to get in touch in the form below or on Facebook.

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