About the Nine Centers

Hannele & Luca

Hannele Behm

Hannele started her Human Design journey in 2013 in a retreat in France, this embarked her on the journey to herself.

With a receptive mind and a capacity to adapt to people, she can deliver precisely what you need to start a new way of life, in which you learn to honor who you really are.

She has been involved in body work for a long time. From running marathons to becoming a massage therapist, a fitness professional and a yoga instructor, she has a lot of experience in dealing with the part of us that carry all the keys we need to live a good life: our very bodies.

She has a kind heart and really sees the necessity for people to transform to be more comfortable in their own skin.

She has a gift for changing people’s fates and direction in life and her passion for living a healthier, more enjoyable life is deeply contagious.

Hannele is the taxi driver that can get you to your destination: the process of following your own Authority, your own built-in guiding system, to get in touch with it, to get in touch with your body’s intelligence and live the life you’re meant to live.

Luca Ionescu

My fascination with Human Design began in 2011, about nine years ago. Over the years, I developed a solid understanding of this knowledge and I am applying it every day of my life.

It’s obvious to me that the more people can be themselves, the better life is going to get. And in these times of change, being able to rely on oneself for decision making is an invaluable asset.

More about me: my love of music and obsession with Human Design seem to be the most consistent things in my life. I am a musician, speak 3 languages and I love mämmi.

I would be more than happy to share my knowledge with you. Empowering people to be their own authority is one of the most important things I can do. Human Design has taught me to love myself and to trust in my own capacity to deal with life and my goal is to set people on a journey to get there too.

If we connect, I’ll use all my power to get you in touch with your core and set you on your journey
towards yourself.


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Solar Plexus Wave Patterns

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Emotional patience

Emotional patience

I am a 3/5 emotional Generator and I have experimented with Human Design Strategy and Authority since 2013. It has totally changed my everyday life.  I could summarise it simply like this: 1. THE NOT-SELF LIFE (using the mind for decision making, ignoring your body's...

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