If you are emotionally defined, your wave pattern will have characteristics based on the circuitry of your channel (and hanging gates).

The wave motion may be very interesting to observe in your experiment.
However, there is only one way to work with any/all of the waves, and that is by waiting. I know that the mind doesn’t like the idea of that because it would like to be able to somehow control it or at least predict what is going to happen.

I have the 59-6 which basically includes of all the wave types.
Here is my perspective of how I’ve come to understand the waves.

I love to sit by the ocean near where I live and just watch. I learn from the water.
I notice how the water reacts to all things, such as weather (wind especially), boats passing by, fish occasionally touching the surface, birds landing or swimming by, the moon and its ancient relationship with the water.

The water reacts to everything. There is absolutely nothing that can stop some kind of wave motion from happening when there is an interaction with another element or being.
It reacts to everything that touches it.
No matter how small (a bird, whether a duck or a swan) or how big (a boat), they all create waves. And no matter what, the waves eventually hit the shore.
Sometimes they travel slowly, sometimes they travel fast, but it takes how long it takes.
The wave patterns themselves are fascinating to watch. The speed and size of a boat makes a massive difference to the wave pattern. The pattern can then interact with a wind blowing to the opposite direction than the waves are travelling to, or it can come across with a swan swimming by…
All these things affect the pattern, whilst a few meters further, the wave that originated from the same source can travel to the shore without obstruction.
It is beautiful to watch all of that. It’s an art that the nature creates moment by moment, continuously, with all kinds of outcomes.

It amazes me how the water is so fluid and reactive, yet it is (one of) the most powerful element(s) on earth. The water can shape the earth. It is such an important source for life itself. It is like the solar plexus. So adaptable yet you don’t want to mess with it or it will drown you in its power.

So when it comes to actually experimenting with your inner authority and decision making as an emotionally defined person, the type of the wave is fairly unimportant in a grand scheme of things. Yet it can show you how beautiful the flow of your nature can be.

What I find the most important part in all of this, is to understand that those waves need to get to the shore in their own time, and you can never know what else might come along to stir them up some more in the meantime.
Ultimately you are gifted with a beautiful play to watch. And that is your unique nature, as it plays along with the external world in an infinite flow of the universe.

I can only be in awe to see what it is to be this complex emotional being, always changing and reacting to everything around me.
It is a real mystery of life.

Written by:
Hannele Behm, 3/5 Emotional Generator