“I am a pure generator and I am not aware of my sacral having made any sounds until I actually trained it to respond. I faked it till I made it. I tried making sounds in response and tried to feel which of unhun or un-un sounded right. After a few months, they started happening without me thinking about it, and after a few years I could distinguish way more ways that my sacral responded than just sounds.

The mind can totally try to imitate the sacral. That’s why it’s not just about mhm/m-m but about how it feels.
But I had to start somewhere and even if I couldn’t really base myself on those sounds at first, I experimented, I spent time struggling with it, trying to make both sounds and trying to feel which is true, keeping making the sounds.
Then I observed, ok, if I follow the sound and do something, how does it feel? If I do something even though I respond no, how does that feel? If I do something without it being a response, how does that feel?

My advice is not to be so afraid to make mistakes that you don’t try anything. The only way for me was to try, make mistakes and learn from them. And other times obviously not make mistakes and then it was perfect. The alternative would’ve been to live like everybody else, be homogenised and keep following the mind because I wouldn’t have been able to discover my authority.

So I’m just putting it out there, training in this way might or might not be for you, but it certainly was my way.”

– Luca Ionescu (4/6 Sacral Generator)

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Luca is a pure sacral generator and only has individual circuitry. He has been experimenting with his Human Design type for over 7 years.

His way to find what it meant to be a generator living in response to life has been very much based on tuning into his sacral sounds, and experimenting with them.
To me this isn’t surprising, knowing his musical interest and incredibly acute ear for sound frequencies. It’s amazing to see his way of detailed working whether it has to do with learning to play a new instrument or to sing a new song. It’s very much the same process when it comes to finding his own truth in life through sacral sounds.

Human Design isn’t a shortcut to enlightenment. It is a potential of giving you back your inner authority, your uniqueness and your signature of satisfaction, success, peace or surprise in this very life you’re living NOW. 
It requires discipline and practise to tune into your body’s intelligence. This is where Strategy and Authority can help you. It makes it simpler. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy, or that you’ll learn it overnight. It just cuts through the mental bullshit that we’ve learned to listen to all our lives, and gives you the potential of loving yourself through the process.

After all, what are you here for if not to live YOUR life as YOURSELF to the fullest with everything it has to offer?