I am a 3/5 emotional Generator and I have experimented with Human Design Strategy and Authority since 2013. It has totally changed my everyday life. 

I could summarise it simply like this:

(using the mind for decision making, ignoring your body’s natural mechanics): 

-> reaction (and nervousness) 
-> chaos (& frustration) 
-> regret, self-blame, stuckness & other unpleasant themes of the undefined centers

(discard the mind as a decision maker & wait for emotional clarity):

-> Breathe 
-> notice the mind’s urgency to react 
-> wait and stay with the uncomfortableness of that urgency, notice the feelings and sensations in the body when I don’t act 
-> breathe a LOT more 
-> Wait until my mind starts to sulk and steps to the background 
-> Wait some more 
-> See what reaction/response naturally emerges from the body’s own intelligence once the mind has stepped aside (and doesn’t care anymore) 
-> outcome that I couldn’t have predicted (and the possibility for satisfaction) 
-> potential for learning, a change in awareness and a change in behavioural pattern to the stimulus

The process of coming to clarity can take days, months or even years. Sometimes it can take minutes or hours, but that’s generally for everyday things.

It’s not easy to learn to wait. The hardest thing in my life has been learning NOT do what my mind tells me I should do. I’ve been through stages in life, in which have felt like I’ve gone totally insane in the mind and had no choice but to allow that to happen if it was to happen. It’s a real hardcore process and if you’re emotionally defined, it’s a real challenge to just sit through what you’re feeling, being honest with what you’re feeling and accept it as it is. 
It’s especially hard because emotions are generated from a center that is also a motor (e-motion = Energy in Motion) so there is this tendency to act under emotional wave, and then regret it afterwards. 

For an emotionally defined person, the truth reveals itself over time, after they’ve been through many feelings about the thing that they’re feeling about. It’s not wise to make a decision or act when when they feel really good about it, not when they feel really bad about it, not when they feel sad, definitely not when they feel angry, not when they feel nervous, but when the presence of any feelings have faded to the background and there is this calmness left. Only after the feelings have had their space to travel through the physical body giving the mind a different perspective each time, a depth of the individual truth can come to awareness and a individual correct decision can reveal itself.

No feeling stays forever. Even if it seems like it. 
Everything changes, all the time. Emotions are simply chemistry of the body that shifts and changes. Our bodies have so much going on all the time, we couldn’t possibly understand it’s detailed workings with our minds. Shitty feelings tend to feel like they are lasting longer than necessary only because the mind is trying to resist those feelings of unpleasantness and pain. Like the mind is putting roadblocks so it takes longer for the discomfort to flow through us. We are afraid of our feelings. We think that each feeling that we feel in the moment is the truth and we’re afraid to allow it to live it’s short life. So we try to deny it.

When I feel like shit, down in my emotional wave, I withdraw and really don’t have energy for anyone. It’s totally OK to not feel sociable. I will take time and space to feel my feelings, to face my fears, without the need to explain myself, come up with any reasons to anyone and I just breathe through it. It’s essential for my survival, for my body’s health and for my mental health. There will come a time that I do want to meet people, so I just wait and allow the emotional energies that move through me, move through me. 

If you’re emotionally defined, I would like to give you one tip that is really worth learning to do properly: Breathe! 
The breath is so important. When everything else is exhausting, you have your breath to come back to. Watch it come in, watch it go out. Watch the quality, scan for restriction, become a vessel for it to fill you up with new, and empty you from old. Be an observer of what rises to the surface, allow what ever it is to exist and allow it to leave. Every tear, every sigh, every pain, every smile, every laughter of freedom is SO worth it. 

Nothing stays forever. Learn to stay present with the flow and give yourself time simply just to love yourself.


~Hannele, 3/5 Emotional Generator