Human Design offers two things…

1. It gives you a detailed map of yourself and shows the difference between your true self and the ways you’ve been conditionedThis allows you to understand yourself and others at a level of depth that has never been available before.

2. Most importantly, it gives you tools that you can directly apply to your life to make decisions that truly serve you.

As Living Your Design Guides, we are here to help you experiment with these tools and see for yourself how life-changing they can be!

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The Basics of Emotionally Defined Design

The Basics of Emotionally Defined Design

Here you’ll find a shortened guide to what it means to be emotionally defined.If you are new to Human Design, or struggle living by honouring your strategy & authority, it may help you understand it a little more. The emotional definition can feel confusing not...

Emotional patience

Emotional patience

I am a 3/5 emotional Generator and I have experimented with Human Design Strategy and Authority since 2013. It has totally changed my everyday life.  I could summarise it simply like this: 1. THE NOT-SELF LIFE (using the mind for decision making, ignoring your body's...


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